Launch Your Future

If “Launching your future” caught your eye I suggest you continue below and see all that awaits you. Becoming part of something greater than ourselves, serving others, and changing the way we view work not only changes our lives but changes the lives of generations to come. Become part of that change the next generation needs.

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Take Control

Have you found yourself working for someone doing something you feel that is not having a great impact on the world we live in? That’s how many have felt and found themselves looking for something greater. Become part of the fast growing wellness industry that is creating a generational shift in how we view health care. Push back on how we’ve been taught to work and to clock in and out at a job you don’t feel passion about. Working for yourself doesn’t mean working less, it means working for your future and for what you believe in. Take control of where you’re headed and join our team to be mentored to accomplish those dreams.

empower others

So many people are struggling daily to stay healthy. Struggling daily to take care of themselves and their families. Today’s system has left us dependent on someone else to tell us how to take care of ourselves. Today’s system, although created with good intent and by good doctors has left us over prescribed and under treated for the true cause of what is ailing us. What is truly ailing us is a lack of knowledge and or a lack of understanding on how the body working and the effects our daily routine has on our long term health. Become part of the solution instead of just following others. Look at the condition our grandparents are in and ask yourself if that’s what you want for your future. If the answer is 'no’ than join us in becoming part of that solution.

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Create something great

Progress and work is critical to taking care of ourselves and our families needs. This work doesn’t have to be for huge corporate company that looks at you as an employee number. It also doesn’t have to be working 60-80 hours per week hustling as a sole proprietor filling the “bucket” of money we need to pay for the things we need to survive. Becoming part of a residual income based compensation plan allows you to build a pipeline of success. A pipeline that will continue to deliver for you everyday wether your hustling that day or taking time to be with your family. If this sounds like a future you’re interested in building than join us because that’s what we want for you as well.

become part of the solution

Life is full of so many opportunities to do something great. Sometimes it’s hard to look at what you are doing and ask yourself if it has ‘meaning’. The opportunity here goes far beyond the financial, and time reward, it goes to the big picture reward. The big picture reward I’m talking about is seeing family owned farms in developing countries make more of their lives and becoming educating in many times for the first time ever. These farmers have been taken advantage of for many years and we have come in and said enough is enough and created Co-Impact sourcing. know that the products are sourced from real people, not brokers, not middle men that are paying pennies on the dollar to these amazing families and farmers. Become part of the global solution.


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