Dave & Liz Eaton

Welcome, we are glad you are here getting know us more.  Check out below who we are and what we are up to and why we do what we do. Here you will discover we are just like you. We are a family that loves to be together and help others.

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Here we are

This is our crew, this is our heart. This is the number one reason why we do what we do.  Our oldest son is Dax, he loves to skate, surf, and do art. He can be a pain at times but he is a determined young man. Rudd is our second oldest son, he loves baseball, acting, and being a kid. Oli is our youngest son but don't let that fool you. He is an amazing baseball player, skater, surfer, and friend. He is super passionate about everything he does.  PK is our youngest and only daughter. She is a firecracker, an artist, and can not be stopped.

We love our family, all we do is done so that we can spend time together creating amazing memories together.

Meet us

We have known each other since we were 14 years old. We married back in 2003 and have grown to love each other more every year of marriage.  We have learned that we complement each others strengths and love to work together.  When we first began working together we were nervous how that might be.  We have found it to be mostly easy and i believe it works is because we have the same goals and we have the same dreams.  Our number one advice to anyone getting started with a marriage or getting started with this business is know each others dreams, know each others 'Why'. This will help you push through any difficult or trial.

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