Join me for personalized results

Well... what are you waiting for? Change begins with small simple steps. Let us help you learn how to acheive what you might have failed to do on your own. This isn't about drastic change or about taking away everything you love to eat. This will not require you to wake up at 5am and be at the gym for an hour everyday.  It really is about simple progress that is doable.


Personal training

These Sessions are meant to take you through the movements and teach how to exercise on your own so in the future you will understand how to get your desired results. I am not going to push you too far out of your comfort zone to start with. I don’t want you to be afraid to come each day. Its simple math, if we can create a plan that encourages you to consume less calories and burn more calories you will lose weight. One pound of fat is approximately 3500 calories. Its no different than saving money, if you make more than you spend you save money. If you eat more than you burn you save/store fat.


Lets get started, this won’t be something that happens over night. Just like putting on those extra pounds didn’t happen over night, they will not come off over night.

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